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June 09, 2004



Hi my name is Matt i am currently corresponding with a number of serial killers but i cant seem to obtain the postal address of dennis nilsen if anyone could help me out i would be so grateful....
Thanks matt.


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Nilsen suggests that his grandfather may have abused him. This comes across as him being unsure about it, suggesting that if it did happen, it happened when Nilsen was very young indeed, perhaps as a pre-four year old. While the above doesn't say whether it was physical or sexual abuse, it does beg the question as to why his grandfather meant so much to Nilsen. There is a mystery here and something more may have been going on very early in Nilsen's life than meets the eye.


I am editing a volume on serial killers. If you would like to submit an abstract, please do. Also, I would appreciate contact information for any of your correspondents who might be interested in writing for the volume.

Call for Abstracts

Serial Killers & Philosophy

Sara Waller (ed.)
Department of Philosophy
Case Western Reserve University

Abstracts for a new title in the Wiley-Blackwell series Philosophy for Everyone, under the general editorship of Fritz Allhoff, are solicited. Previous volumes in the partner series, Epicurean Philosophy, include Wine & Philosophy and Food & Philosophy. Serial Killers & Philosophy broadens the spectrum of topics and activities that inspire reflection on the human condition, while harkening back to the simple pleasures of fava beans and a nice Chianti. Serial Killers & Philosophy will integrate the insights of philosophers and academics from related disciplines, and industry insiders. The abstracts and resulting selected papers should be written for an educated, but non-specialized, audience.
Existential philosophers, postmodern scholars, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and artists have discussed death, violence, and killing, and this volume invites papers in this vein. The scope of the collection is broad, and might include discussions of suspense, or analyses of the portrayal of the murderer and his or her victims in film and writing. Potential contributors might consider Jack the Ripper, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, the masked men of Friday the 13th and Saw, as well as the charming Dexter. What aspects do serial killers share, and what makes them different from mass murderers, cult leaders, state officials, CIA operatives, legal executioners, etc.? What drives people to kill repeatedly, and how do the rest of us understand these killers? How and why do we present them to ourselves as entertainment? What is the nature of punishment and retribution and how might justice be involved in, and in response to, serial murder? Interdisciplinary papers spotlighting serial killers and killing as they consider human nature, the paradox of horror-pleasure, mental delusions, sociopathy, and the nature of violence, retribution, justice, etc. are welcome. We invite papers from disciplines ranging from neurology to film theory, as well as contributions from criminal investigation professionals, to discuss the factors behind serial killing. Potential contributors should not feel creatively constrained by the topics listed above.
In the finished volume, we hope to also include writings from such notorious serial killers as Dennis Nilsen and Aileen Wuornos.

Guidelines for Contributions:

Abstract of paper (approx. 250 words) submission deadline: December 15, 2008
Acceptances will be issued by January 15, 2009
Submission deadline for completed papers will be July 1, 2009
Final papers should be approximately 4000-5000 words
Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail to

Please contact Sara Waller at the above email address if you have any questions about the book. Other proposals for series titles are also welcome; please direct those to Fritz Allhoff at

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~@~@~I was present when he was delivering the lecture.It was very interesting.Great informative article post.Thanks for sharing.

Julia Morgan

Thankyou for sharing some of Mr Nilsen's thoughts with us.

Whilst I am grateful for what you have seen fit to publish online, it seems sad to me that this may be all the publication his autobiographical writings will ever get. I believe Mr Nilsen's autobiography will give a valuable and useful insight into the development of a serial killer; and may even be able to help those who are in danger of heading down the same path realise what is happening and seek help.

I hope that one day his autobiography will be published, though we may have to wait until after his death for that to happen. Then no-one will be able to accuse him of profiting from his crimes.


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