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July 04, 2007


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so what did you say ?

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i was just reading the news online,and theres a 2yr old been raped and strangled bye her own uncle !? i mean wtf ? this is terrible ! and i hope that dirty barstud burns !
there meant to be bringing the castration cure to the uk ,but its by choice, ! do you think paedophiles have a choice

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plenty of statistics that would suggest that castration, chemical or otherwise, does have widespread effectiveness.


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You're right in that popular culture - whether movies, TV, or music, seem to be getting "louder" and more extreme in order to gain attention. I think another part of the decreasing empathy in popular culture is that the audience aimed at is increasingly the sort of audience that is not at an empathetic stage of life, but which has disposable income and less restraint in using it.

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Hey, I thought that sex offenders, and in particular paedophiles, are amongst those offenders who are not only reviled but also feared by the public. Whilst the government has provided the courts with the ability to detain offenders for longer periods of time in custody, including life; this does not address the question regarding how such high risk sexual predators can be effectively monitored and managed when they are eventually released into the community. Thanks for sharing this interesting information. I like your blog... keep posting. Thanks!


I wander if castration is quite as effective as stated,given that the quoted figures of reoffending are completely false in the first instance.They say they can reduce reoffending from 50% to under 5 percent using castration,yet the reality is that sexual predators only have a 5% reoffending rate anyway.This 50% or 75%or 88% reoffending rate you hear about are blatantly false.Strong research clearly indicates sexual offenders have almost the lowest rate of reoffending of all crime types.Even official California dept of justice figures show this.

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It's a mental based cure. It's a wonderful tool to use.

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