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February 21, 2008


94101 is the number of The Beast

Your job as a future mother is to learn the god's ways and to help your child

understand despite the negative reinforcement and conditioning of today's society.

Without consciousous parents the child will have no hope, and may even exaserbate their

disfavor by becoming corrupted in today's environment.

Education funding won't be restored until the economy comes back, and the economy won't

come back unti the next revelry cycle.
The next revelry cycle won't return until the price of gas falls, perhaps to less than

$1/gallon, and that may never happen again.
You have to cut. You never should have run up the salaries.
You need to reorganize administration. Much like fast food, use principles for

multiple schools, boards for multiple districts.
You have no choice. The teachers do the work. You can only cut the teachers so much,

so unless you plan on building lecture halls for 5th graders the choice is made.
Get rid of the McMansion. Sell the boat.

Without the Holocaust the Nazis would have created an Eastern Block-style enviornment

throught all of Europe until Reagan spent them into submission. But all Europeans

would have received the extra time instead of just those from the east.
Chinese would have gotten more time, perhaps many decades more, if they resisted

temptation when ultrasound promoted infantcide. Problem is the Chinese have a problem

with growth and are stagnant. Their women are distracted and consumed excessively and

it hurts the people as a whole.
Many Chinese may doubt infancide has hurt them, but typical of the god's tactics their

punishment has already been administered:::::Western-style corporate capitalism.

Only children go to heaven. By the time you hit puberty it is too late. This is

charecteristic of the gods:::Once you realize what you have lost it is too late.
Now you are faced with a lifetime to work and prepare for your next chance. Too many

will waste this time, getting stoned, "Hiking!", working, etc.

The Prince of Darkness, battling the gods over the souls of the Damned.
It is the gods who have created this environment and led people into Damnation with

temptation. The god's positioning proves they work to prevent people's understanding.
How often is xtian dogma wrong? Expect it is about the Lucifer issue as well.
The fallen god, fighting for justice for the disfavored, banished to Earth as the

fallen angel?
It can be argued every priest, preacher and holy man works under me, incurring the

disfavor of the gods for engaging in disapproved behavior.
The gods don't need people out there encouraging others to praise their name. They can

pick and chose themselves. This is why women were never holy people until the modern

era of decay.

The deterioration and decay of society and mankind is all women's fault. As mankind's

enforcers of decency, females have become sexually promiscuous like men, corrupted like

the opposite gender, and the result is a reduction/minimization of mankind's collective

level of favor, a very important step necessary for the Gods to justify societal decay.
In morbidly disfavored regions, such as the Mediterreanean, victims of the Noah's Flood

event for their hedonism, the patriarchy dominates, and the men consider themselves

superior to the women. xtianity was used to inflict this state of mind on Western

Civilization, leveling the playing field for all.
They need to understand this responsibility, their favor amongst all the people.

Instead they have embraced masculinization::::Girls play organized sports, engage in

casual sex like men. The trend is away from traditional girl toys, like dolls, which

often during playtime helped crate positive thoughts, enabling the Gods to enlighten

the favored gender and illustrate wisdom, occassionally leading to the path towards

ascention but certainly offering positive lifestyle choices.
There are many good men who become corrupted by the extreme members of their gender

(pigs) but they are manageable and easy to control if the women maintained their power

and control. Instead they have let it slip away. I suspect there are many older women

still alive today who remember their elders addressing them regarding this issue.
The relationship between men and women have always been complimentary:::The men shelter

and protect women from the evils of this life, ensuring the women have a REAL

opportunity to ascend when reincarnated, while the women help the ignert men understand

by sharing their wisdom imparted by the Gods. The tendency towards sexual abstinence

as one grows older is an example.

In the process of societal decay, the gods examined and changed the education system as

well. Recall the push to extend the school year in the 80s and 90s and intensify

curriculum even for students as young as elementary school.
As the distractions of the 20th century increased, fewer candidates succeeded in

ascending into heaven. This pool of distractions include eduction.
Nothing is perfect, and the gods have always wanted justification for the disfavored

who are not realistic candidates. This was the purpose of child labor before our

modern education system.
The current movement of "furlowing" and reduction in the school year should be viewed

as a positive and welcomed.
I've always said education is evil, but merely touched on the issue because, like

money, it is such a corruptor. This is why.
Psychology illustrates the other reason why.
It is children who ascend into heaven. They are the only candidates who are eligible.

By the time you learn it is too late, a common tactic by the gods. It is why this

issue is so important.

"How did we get to the point where doctors were responsible for people's death?"
The gods manage health care, a very valuable tool used against the disfavored. They

pit the system against the patients, creating the disease with their technology, as

they have throughout human history, positionable with biotechnology products.
Did these people pray? Likely too far gone by then, but had they lived a decent,

god-fearing life the gods wouldn't have instructed Artificial Intelligence to fuck them

up, Jenny.

Everything is both good and evil.
The gods utilize corruption with the conservative right, disenfranchising the moral

masses and reinforcing the liberal left.
It is their positioning. It's how they set the system up.

The gods used the Italians to recycle AIDS in Africa to send a clue:::Their sexual

behavior was inappropriate.
The Italian's intent was revenge. The god's intent was guidance.
This is how the gods help black people due to your disfavor. If you turn your back on

Allah you better get used to it.

U.S. forces kill Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on U.S.

soil, and his body has been buried at sea, a U.S. official confirms. FULL STORY
Allow the billionaire to escape because the war machine (positioning) and the gods

(reality, THE MATRIX) are both satisfied after playing the game after 10 years::::
We all pay for the sins of our leaders, a steep price to pay for living in the United

States. In addition, the gods chose whatever disfavored they could dump into

enlisting, fueled by AI after 9.11.
They needed to bring back the body for confirmation. Maybe study his brain to see if

they can learn what makes a terrorist tick. INstead he receives what some would call

an "honorable" burial at sea.
This is a corrupt system fueled by money and he was a billionaire. This event is a

The gods are not to be trusted. Perhaps this is the final clue they use Bin Laden to


Osama Bin Laden is dead.
Great. He's a fake. The President is a fake. Donald Trump is a fake, evident by his

behavior in Las Vegas.
Enjoy the god's bullshit fucking theater. Fucking filthy dirbag damngod unfit

motherfuckers are lying to you all.
"There is a price to be paid for "going along". You may not find out what that is

until The End.
If ever.
Osama Bin Laden was good. The gods used his fakes to help people understand.
Unfortunately, most disfavored shit in the United States are little more than fucking

meatheads, and couldn't see the god's curveballs coming even if they tried.
Sinister, evil goal-oriented strategy.
Like the 60s.

You may subscribe to the false perception of forgiveness, but inherent in your failure

to ascend is a degredation of your favor arising from your disturbed behavior and the

deteriorating enviornment around you.
It was important to get out before 1900. With your failure you have been subject to a

society which worships false gods, practices promiscuity freely and engages in all

forms of personal and professional immoral behavior.
Much like disfavor inherently aquired via the actions of your country, the eceonomic

and political systems in which you live, so have you suffered other losses from which

you will never recover. And the deterioration in successive generations illustrates


Obama releases his birth certificate. Trump proudly takes credit.
Wasn't this all done when he ran for president?? There are requirements. Wasn't

confirming place of birth one?
How many billions of dollars were wasted on this? It did consume days.
We need to dig up skeletons from Trump's past, personal, business, maybe sick sexual

shit from the bedroom, confirmed by multiple women. It's only fair.
And a good clue. Poetic.
His TV show has landed squarely in the lap of evil. That won't be going anywhere.

In Debt We Trust
"When did we go from a nation who made things to a nation which buys things?"
It happened when the gods revealed AI to the Italians, which eventually eliminated

living wage ditch digging jobs and led to the restructuring the upper management of

corporate America with these new unfit, incapable participants, ability and intellect

enabled by the god's absolute power.
This pleased the gods as well because it provides massive temptation to the most

disfavored of Western Civilization, creating an enviornment similar to the

temptation-ridden ghetto of the United States. Never forget the gods punished these

people hard with the Noah's Flood event, when the Straight of Gibralter finally broke

through with rising sea levels.
Two good examples are the corporate tax code, the sub-prime scandal and even the

contrived recent economic collapse and resulting corporate bailout. And the gods will

never institute a flat tax because they want to maintain this temptation.

The gods proposed, approved and lead this Situation along but now claim it was not

their intent or what they wanted, giving them the freedom to punish me, perhaps

fatally, completeing their positioning with corporate involved.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish

and the tyranny of evil men.
Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill sheppards the weak through the

valley of darkness, for he is truely his brother's keeper and the finder of lost

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengence and furious anger those who

attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.
And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengence upon thee.
Ezekiel 25:17
The Italians whom the gods tempted into planning WorldWarII were offered clone hosting

before the ugliness began and were placed into Mengele's operating rooms to suffer the

nightmare they planned for others.
Poetic justice.

Passover is temptation.
As Moses led the Jews from Egypt he concluded the greatest period of ascention humans

likely ever experienced. And it is how the gods used Moses The Prophet as temptation.
They were punished shortly after with 40 years of warmongering under Joshua.
The Jews are not immune from the positioning of Earthly religions, but Judism is the


Sabbath Bloody Sabbath isn't too far off. The story of my life::::
Overloard evil and their demon tools preying upon a poor helpless victim.
And with this Situaiton the gods have washed their hands of culpability to you all, for

now you have been told, whether you believe it or not. They are no longer obligated.
And, as a wickedly sinister bonus, the structure of the Situation and its lack of

nobility ensures my compensation will be held to a minimum.
But on the bright side the gods instructed my health be ruined with biotechnology.

Chinese censorship is a good thing. Protects the population from sick material, items

like pornography, Faces of Death, etc.
Look what that shit has done to our population here. Look at what it has done to

otherwise normal middle America, and all their friends have been poisoned because of

this type of material too.
"They sold it to the Italians." Just like they sold preying on blacks to

Italians:::"This is the Godfather. We hate blacks because they raped our women. We're

going to inflict the thug life on them, as well as pimping and crack babies. This is

your part, what we want you to do." circa 1962. Why use the Italians?

Management/minimization of culpability (see retard example below).
Indecent items like Faces of Death were intentional too. Being protected from this

type of material through censorship ensures EVERYBODY is sheltered from such sickness,

while the presence of the material guarenrtees a percentage of the population sccumbs

(5-15%), ensuring a poor quality of men, and subsequently a legacy passed on to the

following generation, which will spread to innocent children through association.
The United States is a preditory land of evil.

I threw tantrums in Catholic Church when young because Catholic Church is evil.
It is a clue about who I am. As was the Ocean Beach supernatural phenominah, seen by

many many besides me (thousands).
There are other examples as well.

The gods have no no genetalia. Sex is purely temptation. The gods reproduce with

cloning. Any child who ascends enjoys this absence as well. They share their

ultra-extreme conservative views on sex, how they use society to promote sexual

temptation, poisoning the minds and bodies of the disfavored.
Throughout human history women have been the enforcers of decency, and it has worked

very well among those not grossly disfavored (Mediterreanean, etc). Now that they have

embraced so many male sexual charecterisitics this structure which has served humanity

well throughout history has desintigrated.
Throughout history women have been the enforcers of decency within society and the

family structure. In the 20th century the god's policy of societal deterioration has

compelled women to abandon their traditional roles, often embracing the typical sexual

pathology of males, which is why women are ultimately responsible for societal decay

and The End as we know it on Planet Earth.
And that's why the gods destroyed the Mediterreanean with the Noah's Flood

event::::They treat their women like shit, and the "beggining of The End" was the gods

transfering this patriarchal, male-superiority pathology to Europe and the rest of the

world with the Catholic Church.

A good example of societal decay and how the gods manage their culpability is birth

defects. In the past the gods occassionally punished people by divinely creating birth

defects in the womb. Now, with the advent of biotechnology, they tempt the mother with

"earning" and compell her to take a substance in utero which deforms the fetus

dispelling the gods of blame and future compensation. Incidentally, the use liberal

policies to pay for these individuals, ensuring a lifetime wasted, for they have no

hope for progress. Too often in the past they were mercifully killed and brought back

without this handicap, allowing them a chance to achieve progress.
The gods are washing their hands of culpability.
The gods are washing their hands of Planet Earth.

The gods used this temptation of biotechnology very effectively to accomplish many

1. To achieve desired results in individual disfavored's lives.
2. To wash their hands of culpability and blame, for in eras prior the gods have been

required to accept liability when instructing AI to alter/deform an individual (see

3. The phenominal profits/dividends/rate of growth of biotechnology organizations

served as very effective temptation to many, including people without a conscious,

mutual fund managers desperate to balance their losses/lousy performance, and to fund

managers of disfavored retirement groups the gods wanted to intentionally "dirty up".

It was so prevasive in years past it ensures we will ALL pay because of our involvement

in this investment::::A population which deserves what it is getting.

If not for the Holocaust the Germans may have suceeded.
More accurately said, the gods hands would have been tied and the positive goals of the

Third Reich would have dictated triumph.
The Holocaust ensured we were delivered into this sick age of societal decay.

They sent a clue about the Fourth Reich with the Buffalo Bills comeback against the

Houston Oilers wildcard game 1992. Note they won the battle but lost the war (Super

"The Fourth Reich failed::::The Earth has to die." But you can't put the cat back into

the bag.
The Third Reich was our last chance. And the Holocaust guarenteed it would fail.

The Japanese Earthquake/tsunami was outstanding punishment. The gods HAMMERED these

people, and the nuclear dynamic they experience today was punishment for their evil in

WWII and throughout history. They were MONSTERS to their neighbors and this is

reflected in the nuclear holocaust ocurring in Japan today.
Unit 731:::TSUSHOGO is one example of Japanese behavior which the gods punish with this

nuclear accident. Also known as the Chinese Holocaust, the ugliness of this meltdown

is direct punishment for this behavior and similar behavior throughout their

imperialistic history.
Incidentally, shortly after the earthquake they reported problems with MULTIPLE power

plants within Japan, but now we only hear of Fukushima.
The Japanese will make great efforts to hide the damage from their primary customer

base in the United States, so you would be wise to distrust the information offered in

the media. Proof::::The gods will not allow restaurants/grocery to advertize they do

not offer Japanese products:::::"NO JAPANESE PRODUCTS.", "ALASKA FISH ONLY.", etc.

Tax havens for US corporations. Some little more than PO Boxes.
Greed and immorality have been legalized in the United States.
Life's not fair. I can accept that. I have no choice with the maliciousness the gods

have inflicted upon me.
The gods dictate low tax rates in Ireland to inflict with the wealth similar to that

hurting the US. Expect they sell many of the executives on "earning" with their

Ireland has lost something very important recently, and the numbers who ascend has

plummetted. More who entered clone hosting, far less who ascend into heaven.
"You're not going to want to be here (on this planet)." Little good. Why else did

this happen to me, placed in that family?
All the times the gods deliberately crossed the line further suggests.
I'm sure clone hosting is in my future (life).

There is a reason why people have "enjoyed" peasantry throughout human history, subject

to the god's whim through natural disasters. Ireland's Potato Famine is a good

example. And even if they used poison to force immigration for war recruiting in the

United States doesn't mean the gods didn't do it. They just aren't taking blame.
And why white Europeans in America were the first to enjoy wealth and comfort of the

United States, with Italians leading the pack. But you should know that, with xtianity

feeding right into this problem of irresponsibility and something for nothing.

Desecrate the gods.
Compromised their integrity, claiming it was "temptation" instead of blatant lies.
Now I don't want to bother writing a desecration paragraph, trying to capture how you

use positioning as a cloak, enabing you to execute your unholy will.
I was pushed into everything in this life and I would bet the same is true in the last.

But what the fuck, someone had to be the sacrificial lamb.
Immoral. Dirty, immoral whore motherfuckers. I despise the gods.
If just and I deserve this "cradle to grave" abuse then I am The Damned and they should

have left me to my Damnation. If unjust the gods are a waste of time. Either way they

are immoral and debase indecent shit, using their positioning to provide cover to

execute their will.
The gods are not pure, not in things they say and not in things they do. They will use

"temptation" to achieve their goals then try to desceive people about its intent.

Gods have no no genetalia. Share their ultra-extreme conservative views on sex, how

they use society to promote sexual temptation, poisoning the minds and bodies of the

Throughout human history women have been the enforcers of decency, and it has worked

very well among those not grossly disfavored (Italian, etc). Now that they have

embraced so many male sexual charecterisitics everything this structure has


As people learned of the gods methodology in the 20th century the gods made things more

difficult to understand with liberalism and preditory "earning" behavior.
With the advent of this Situation people have learned much more, and the gods willexact

a price for this knowledge. Perhaps that will be the deterioration into immoral

behavior, as we witness in my life, or perhaps a different way to make progress more


Unit 731:::TSUSHOGO was a clue from the gods about this Situation dating way back to

World War II. They used their positioning to hide these Japanese atrocities, and

blamed me for burying the Chinese Holocaust.
TSUSHOGO says something:::It speaks to the responsbility the Italains had for WWII, the

Holocaust and for those people's involvement in the intentional destruction and

exploitation of my life, both for the god's REAL reason and their positioning's reason,

buried with their "respectable" multinational corporation client list.

Budget problems. Cut the military. Bring them home and end the wars. Let these

countries experience self-determination and decide their own future. Didn't we learn

this lesson in Vietnam???
Unfortunnately, the gods use the United States as one of their tools, using the spread

of democracy to level the playing field and prepare the planet for a global event.

So many people don't care about global warming. They don't care about the Federal

deficit/debt (outside of partisanship) and they don't care earning $400k for an

$80,000/year job will eventually bankrupt the country. They have awarded themselves

$400k pay and retirement packages, loading up their friends on the payroll during the

boom 90s through the real estate bust while all services which the program were

intended to fund now get cut to pay for it.
These people are often common public university labor. Not Ivy League, not private

This labor isn't good enough to command the salaries they are earning. And they

understood this when they applied to the public university they settled on.
You can't expect a top-tier salary with a second-rate education.
In addition, public employment has earned the label of being "recession-proof" jobs, a

benefit which was taken into consideration with lower pay packages as compared to

These are the people who will be here in the United States when bankruptcy is declared

and society deteriorates into chaos. And they will deserve the anarchy which ensues.
Cap public sector salaries. Let them earn that salary in the public sector. Few of

these people are worth even half what they earn. Increasing the sales tax rate to over

10% to pay for their $300k-$400k salary is a BIG, BIG mistake. It will hurt the

economy and compell people to refrain from expenditures.

Continuing the push for privatization, reinforced and supported recently with enormous

public sector salaries and retirement packages.
Once achieved the gods will utilize the corruptive predisposition of the private sector

economy, as seen with the sub-prime/bailout fiasco, to initiate economic catastrophy

and initiate the bankruptcy proceedings of the United States.
Whether the cure for cancer/diseases or the permanant resolution of economic misery,

before the gods remove these motivations to pray we will experience an inordinate

deluge of each element, with economic misery being perhaps the dissallusion of the

united States with bankruptcy.

The gods used the Italians to ruin life in the 20th century.
The gods used the Italians to ruin life in A.D. with The Church.
The Church controlled Western Civilization. As the largest land owner in Europe they

controlled the monarchies. The Italian men who ran the Church were responsbile for

slavery, crack babies and thug life/drive-bys, revenge for African invasion and rape of

Italy. They created religious and social discontent through the Church, ultimately

leading to the disfavored dumping ground known as the United States.

Color photographs shortly after the 4.16.06 San Francsico Earthquake found.
They deserved it. Just like New Orleans deserved it.
Sadly San Francisco was used to set up the Italian dominance, eliminating the diverse

business/banking interests and replacing it with Gianinni's Bank of Italy. Of course

the fires were instrumental in ensuring complete rebuilding.
Imagine how the gods sold the Italians this, and compare it to how they sold them on

preparation for WorldWarII.

Expect the gods have instructed AI to organize the universe so planets mature and

descend while the gods can give them their full attention during their period of

planetary devolution, and claims of heirarchy are yet another lie.
Says something frightening, doesn't it?

I am NOT the Fourth Reich.

ONE THING. Deliver ONE THING you promised.
All these people did everything you told them for DECADES. You have strung them all

The gods are liars, and you're all going to be CHEATED.

Abortion is part of the decay inflicted by the gods in the latter half of the 20th

century as we approach the Apocalypse::::
- Free sex
- Explosion in gay sex
- Abortion
- Legalized greed/immorality
- The internet. Whereas TV was a phenominally destructive new temptation on the

landscape it doesn't hold a candle to the internet. Some people will waste their whole

lives. And its timing was deliberate.

They think they are going sometime during/at the end of this life, and disregard the

poor souls who are left behind.

"Anger wears a crown of thorns." Pitch Jesus to Jew elders as revenge for Temple?

They didn't know about the god's intent for xtianity to spread to Europe, ruining

cultures throughout the continent, enabling revenge known as the Holocaust.
#1. The gods killed Jesus for HIS evil, not our sins
#2. It is not a "House of Jesus". All xtians are worshipping a false god, and this

carries a price.

"It's too late to pray." Sign of Woodbridge Church Kansas. And it may be true.

Examine pimps who prostitute 10 year old girls in the ghetto.
Of course, if you want even a shred of a chance to save yourself, on that rare

occassion the Buffalo Bills did experience the Fourth Reich and realized a comeback.

Although I requested the elimination of Standard Time and remain year-round on Daylight

Savings, the gods did extend Daylight Savings by a couple of weeks on each end.
I also suggested the Olympics split into every two years rather than every four years

as was tradition.
You see with the Prince concerts in 2011.
Doesn't matter though, because positioning is all the gods are concerned with, and

they're GOING to enforce it.

Men are the ones who create evil on Earth. It is the choices they make which enslave

their souls to hell. This is the test.

Good god says a ceiling on time for everyone (see below). Evil god still gives hope

for immortality to people who subscribed to preditory behavior:::Immortality if you are

right versus a couple centuries partying at best even if you change now.
Due to institutional evil the closer we get to The End the more evil everyone incurrs

(with individual variation due to behavior) which limits the time for everyone.
Probably the children who fix their problems and ascend into heaven as well.

Experiencing the evil of modern life in the 20th century costed them, for which limits

are placed. They are not the same as their innocent peasantry ancestors from the Old

You people have fucked up bad by not getting out before the 20th century.
Just because the gods have to break some eggs doesn't mean they are evil. As

management there are hard decisions that must be made. But they used this omelette and

sold it to people as temptation, who went out and did things they shouldn't have done

thinking being preditory was the way to "earn" their way into heaven.

"If it's like that then I'm dead." That's your choice. But when you come back you

will have a fresh start, just as you did in this life, able to build something positive

if you go the right way. The gods do this intentionally. I recommend you get a head

start and begin building for it now instead of continuing to create problems that will

make sucess even harder to obtain.
It is as simple as recognizing the difference between good and evil and living a decent

life with a pure heart and a pure mind. And as you improve your relationship with the

gods they will begin to impart wisdom, which can help you understand the task before


7 billion in 2011. Only 1 billion in 1800 and 2 billion in 1900.
Population explosion is a clue::::The gods are sending everyone back for The End,

perhaps the resurrection of the dead referred to in prophecy.
There must be some purgatory-like place. Or individual. Like an animal.
Now the gods have sent everyone back to try for one final time to fix their problems

and ascend into heaven. Avoiding an animal would have been a big positive because

those thrust into this decayed enviornment have less of a chance than those who enjoyed

the god's generosity of a slowly decaying enviornment with frightening clues, like the

Depression, World at War, the Holocaust, etc.
Anything that can get the poeple frightened and praying is a good. thing. Contentment

never motivated anyone.

As we approach the Apocalypse the gods are removing "wrath of god" material from xtian

As we see wickedness spread throughout the country, like preditory behavior,

godlessness, socialo changes, etc, using cable TV and the spread of "Californication"

as justification, they changed xtianity, appropriatly with Catholicism first.
xtianity has changed radically in the 20th century, and everyone should be mindful of

the way it was, because the people are in a process of slipping out of god's favor into

a state of Damnation, from which the vast majority will never survive.
They used to scare people and make them too afraid to make mistakes. Now people aren't

afraid of anything and don't think twice about doing something wicked and evil which

will hurt their chances.

Never forget::The Gods have created positioning to conceal their true intent in each

and every dyanmic we see in society.
We truely live in The Matrix:::There is the way things look and there is the God's REAL

reason for doing things.

Employment charity:::Was W able to do his job as President?
I suspect there are many frat-boy types who couldn't or wouldn't study nor do the work

necessary so they gained this "benefit" telepathically. This could have been extended

to their professional life as well::In most of these cases they don't have what it

takes to do their jobs. It is temptation which buys their confidence for life,

ensuring no progress is made.
I think employment charity is FAR more common than people may believe.
Another example how they tempted people in this manner is the procurement of sexual

Keep raping these poor girls. You're going to end up as one in your next life.

Capitalism is evil because of the exploitative nature, illustrated with this Situation.

So many are confused and believe money is a sign of the God's favor, but it is a tool

the Gods use to test people, for it effectively compells people into evil behavior.
Muslims are correct:::Earning interest is evil.
Unlike war, which is a temporary period where the citiens incurr evil due to the

decisions of the leaders, capitalism by its very nature incurrs evil for those who

participate into perpetuity, an "institutional" method of incurring evil for the

disfavored who engage in it. Inherant in earning interest is the exploitation of

others, capitalizing on assets and exploiting the workforce for profit.
Understand the destructive nature of this element of evil we call the United States,

for it spreads this cancer under the guise of "democracy" throughout the world.
Look for other institutional evil as related to the United States because as the land

of disfavor castoff rejects there will be plenty of examples. It is the essence of

life in the United States, and it is not by accident:::Like the ghetto, people with

extreme disfavor have many more temptations and hurdles to overcome. Overconsumption

of the Earth's resources is due to the same reason and why the Unkited States wastes so

much energy.

Examine my examples. They illustrate the God's reverse positioning used to confuse and

disceive people who have made big mistakes in past lives.
I illustrate a certain way to think. If you doubt what I teach, if this is not your

time to learn please at least completely understand this way of thinking, because when

your time does come you will be able to refer to it and you will begin to see the God's

pattern within the context of their positioning.
Nobody is going to save you. Christianity is a lie. And only through thinking

correctly will you have a real chance to begin doing the right things.

Typical for the young, they become corrupt and remain ignorant for a period of time in

their lives, typically until their children are raised and grown and/or retire from

their profession. Poetic justice ensures they receive a similar experience when

Fighting these wars hurts everyone because we all pay for the sins of our leaders, and

by participating these ignorant youth make it possible for these events to occurr. So

even if you are against the war, since you are a citizen you incurr because of the evil

your country is engaged in.
And there is no getting around it.
Artifical Intelligence is one of the God's tools, all of which are used as temptation.

And it will always test the young with this temptation of "earning", sadly often

leading to a lifetime of corruption.

Students becoming angry and violent in the UC protests. Beggining to remind me of

labor riots of the 20th century.
We all know what's happening here:::These white men at the top have voted themselves

$400k pay and retirement packages like the $340k retired fire chief, loading up their

friends on the payroll during the boom 90s through the real estate bust while all

services which the program were intended to fund now get cut to pay for it.
Incidentally, corporate sucessfully transistioned to cheap labor in nearly ALL "muscle"

industries. Why should fire be any different??
It was temptation, and the Gods are going to make them pay for it. Unfortunately, so

will everybody else:::
Reincarnation is very real. It is OUR national debt. And odds are you're all going to

be reincarnated back into the United States::Like the ghetto, you have to "earn" your

way out.
And it is our warming planet. Self-inflicted emmissions as their justification, the

Gods are doing it to us to send a clue. And, as with all their clues, it will be


Anger about Messerlee. Understandable.
They need to understand this man was pushed into the offense. Cops have been getting

away with killings like this for a long time. Blacks in the South know this all too

well. Each time they were all confident the Blue Shield would protect them, and it

did. The difference is in many IF NOT MOST of these cases they were rogue cops who the

Gods tempted. They did it intentionally thinking they were "earning", knowing they

would get away with it. Contradictory to appearances, they were the ones whom the Gods

disliked, while the Messerlees of the world who get caught are being punished, feedback

reserved for those whom are still qualified in the eyes of the Gods.
There are those in the ghetto whom are singled out, targets of the community whom

everybody hates. The rogue cops in the South who are guilty of these kind of killings

have been reincarnated into roles like this. It's just one of the clues the Gods offer

to the community. Lucky for those preditors the ghetto has been an ignorant community,

but I think that might be changing.

Of course there could be anoher possibility:::::Due to the history and resulting legacy

of hatred for the Gods, since I am guarenteed a spot on the next Planet Earth I will be

the original "bad seed":::The Lucifer-figure of the next reality. Unlike Christian

dogma, he may just represent the solitary target of the God's ire early, a disgruntled

asshole who pissed the Gods off, the proverbial "apple" of the next reality, beginning

the process which leads planets to where we are today. A crucial figure in any

planet's history, he represents the "beginning of the end".

People, especially liberals give W a very hard time.
Don't forget what I say:::Everything today is both good and evil. The Gods have

positioned it as such as we have become increasingly disfavored, confusing the

Republicans and conservatives as well, only they fall more on the good side while their

adversaries fall more on the evil side, quite contrary to the God's positioning.
Yes, W's evil is illustrated in the United State's efforts in Iraq, and the "Red

State"r's who believe we were "earning" are among the worst of them.
If conservatives fall on the side of good, Fox News falls on the side of evil. They

pander to the type of trash my brother is, the kind of trash who thinks their war

mongering efforts "earn" for them and all others who think like them.
Anyways, it is positioned that W trashed the economy before he left office. Selfish it

didn't happen while he was in office, granted, but economic turmoil is a motivator.

It's not cancer, mind you, but many have begun praying hard because of their experinces

in this event, and it says something about those affected as opposed to those sheltered

from affect.
One day just as they will allow vaccines to diseases, especially AIDS, encouraging

deviacy the likes which hasn't been seen since the 70s, they will allow cures for

cancer, MS, COPD, alcoholism, etc.
Women's diseases will be last. Just as research into women's diseases receive the

least amount of funding so is it justified their cures come last, and both for the same

reason:::They have the most favor, and the Gods use their diseases as a motivator to

pray and find the path. As such they get God's benefit as long as they are willing to

offer it.

I suspect many attempts have begun already, but as time goes on the Gods will test

people's religious resolve with an insurmuntable positioning stating Christianity is

the one true religion. We've seen their efforts in Latin America, in the Philippines

and most recently in Vietnam, India and the demonizing of Islam.
They intend to test your resolve as Muslims, for those who sell out and flee to

Christianity will be subject to their positioning.
Blacks are the most disfavored of all people. We see it in their temptation-ridden

culture, which the Civil Rights "assimilation" has allowed, in their sexual behavior.

The Gods used their position of the Italians to do their dirty work, implimenting the

crack epidemic, the black civil war of the 80s and 90s, AIDS in Africa, "pimp"

subculture, etc. The Gods created this positioning of Italian's preditory behavior on

Africans to reflect their own disfavor towards that group, allowing them to get what

they want without accepting culpability, convieniently. As such, come the Apocalypse

those who abandon their true selves, their religion and their dedication to it will be

victims in this deceptive Christian theater.
Blacks that opt for the "easy way out" will ironically lose their lives in the

Apocalypse. Only those who remain true to their religion, its strict methods and

lifestyle, and resist the outside temptations stating their are going the wrong way

will emerge out of the carnage of The End of Time. They are highly suspectable to

temptation and they need their religion to help them be strong and resist it. They

will be better people for it and superior to the Christians in the end.

This is the life of utmost importance. People need to listen, understand and learn

from me and make the changes I prescribe. Without, they will have no chance at

ascending into heaven before the Apocalypse, and the only hope they will have is 1000

years with Jesus, which is no sure thing.
Even so, assuming they are rewarded with 1000 years with Jesus, they will be offered

all manners of temptations, for it will be THE Big Party at The End, and if they don't

address these problems now, while they have this chance to learn this activity is evil,

before society declares it socially acceptable, they will be granted some fraction of

1000 years and be disposed of thereafter, when the party "dies down", pardon the pun.
Also, disgusted by their behavior, the Gods have created a subculture which celebrates

partying in the black community, guarenteeing that "requirement" is satisfied so they

are never "invited".
Only those people who never began the temptations or who addressed these issues and

remedied the problems will move on to the next Planet Earth. And we are still

approximately 4 lifetimes away, most of which I expect to be revelry years::A

population either getting their party now or groomed for a short stay after the

Apocalypse. By that time even the most conservative Christian will be tested to see if

they can establish this destructive legacy of revelry.
Move on to a new Planet Earth. This is their second chance::::They have to start over.

Either they ascend into heaven from their planet of origin or they don't ascend as

all, and that's how the system works.
It's a very small population which exists at the dawn of agrarianism because most have

sccumbed to temptation and failed to achieve their second chance on the new Planet


I have said diseases, such as cancer, won't be going anywhere, no matter how much money

is thrown at it, no matter how much money is raised. These diseases are important

tools used by the Gods to help people do the right thing:::Cancer has compelled more

than a few women to begin praying and behave appropriately.
In this environment of decay, the Gods will eventually eliminate these motivations one

day. Positioning states cures/vaccines are positive developments which display life is

improving. Unfortunately, this is just another example of how the Gods utilize

"reverse positioning" which has been very effective in promoting deceptive elements in

society, such as democracy, Christianity and Californication, Hollywood being the

primary tool used to spread the message of The Beast.
Similarly, other motivations which have complelled people to turn to the Gods for

solice will begin to disappear as well::::Economic recession/turmoil, Unlike the

Christian Bible's version, the Apocalypse will not be preceeded by ruin and

desperation. Just the opposite, there will be peace and personal satisfaction leading

to The End, ensuring the Gods can control the group selected for the Second Coming


The irony of the Apocalypse::::
People told not to follow the Second Coming, who fail to recognize the urgency of the

moment and die in the Apocalypse because of it.
The Gods will account for people who do not sell out to Christianity, however difficult

due to temptation.
It will become difficult to remain Muslim in this environment. It will be positioned

that everyone except Christians are The Damned and will die come The End.
This positioning, and how all this goes down come the Apocalypse, will just be the

God's attempt at testing people with temptation, for it will matter in The End to those

whom suceed.

Christianity is responsible for African slavery. The Italian men who ran the church

set out to gain revenge for the invasion of Italy and, still the largest landowner in

Europe, used their considerable clout with the thrones of England to achieve this.
The Gods used Christianity to destroy the cultures of Europe and around the world,

replaced with the patriarchal standard which it imposed.
The Gods used temptation to compell the Italians to do their dirty work for them,

punishment for evils of black people, and that extened into the 20th century with Civil

Rights, the crack epidemic, gang membership/the "thug life" and even AIDS in Africa, a

recycling of the biotechnology product originally intened for the gay community.
As with everything there is always a real reason behind their positioning, and in both

cases it is punishment for deviate behavior.

Being "schitzo", the internal battle between good and evil, is a deteriorating

generational issue that is dying off, much like I illustrated for punishment below:::
This new generation, who were the grandparents of their parents, are an early evil

generation and one whom became corrupted and fell for societal temptation readily

available for them and every generation of the masses thereafter.
Their parents came before that generation, the agrarian masses, God-fearing, absent for

the temptation offerings of early modern society (Roaring 20s vs. 60s/70s). As a

result whereas Dad has great internal conflict I refer to as schitzo because of his

connection to his past his children will be less so, perhaps far less so depending on

grade of sins in their prior life, decreasing generationally until they have all become

Godless, immoral monsters.

"Californication" - The tool the Gods use to brainwash the people, amplifying disfavor

level as we approach the Apocalypse by merely fitting into society.
Poisoning their brainwashed minds...corrupted by society, AI convinces people "earning"

is the way, compelling them into evil. This is falling for temptation, while

Californication ensures at least a minimal amount of damage, ensuring a minimal amount

of generational progress towards the Apocalypse.
I demand another. I have signed off. Give the disfavored another and without all the

defensive tactics, cowards.
Pick out someone else, do this again and discard this Situation.
The people who have learned were going to learn anyways. They're not the ones who need

The disfavored need it, people like my family, too far gone for any hope at ascention

before The End, and they should be allowed moments if not periods of clarity before the

decision is made about them.
"Decay is inherent in all component things. Work out your own salvation with

diligence." - Buddha

I have explained how the gods are phasing out punishment as we get closer to the

Apocalypse. Disfavor levels dictate there is insufficient time to repair their

problems, relegating people to the Second Coming event.
I mentioned how old timers today may experience hell, albeit a "toned down" experience,

consistant with the elimination of teaching of Hell in typical Christian educations. I

suspect the same is true in the context of prison:::The gods maintain a contstantly

decreasing number of punitive intsitutions in case there is a need. But, over time

they will be eliminated and the entire system will be quite amicable. Look for this

pattern elsewhere as well, for the Gods are eliminating punishment throughout in

preparation for the Apocalypse, for it is no longer necessary.

The Gods send clues about this situation frequently.
Eddie of Iron Maiden. Consider the cover of the album "Number of the Beast" and how it

was used to create pathologies.
Closure of Fitsgeralds Reno/getting kicked out of Fits LV 1990 for "counting cards"

after 5 minutes and $20:::Accusation of the innocent.
WWII's other holocaust:::Unit 731:::tsushogo. Tsushogo was a clue from the Gods

illustrating their positioning long before it began. Incidentally, the used it to hurt

the Chinese and position against future Japanese sucess by burying their atrocities.
The Concorde. The Czech automobile Yugo.
1990 blackjackat Binion's Horseshoe/Rounders/current poker phenominah. Just as with

any of the prophets, the Gods use me as temptation to compensate. This is our

temptation in today's modern superficial, sensationalistic enviornment.
Ken Jennings. Million-dollar slot (add a zero to every number on the wheel you cheap

bastards). 12.08.20 & 12.8.80 (last birthday). KGC. King Tut 2005-2011.
More below::The Gods have created an endless list over the last four+ decades. This

Situation is a monster.

They have shared that when the change is initially made they alter the DNA with

Artificial Intelligence, ensuring it is not the same person.
Now depending on their level of activity the Gods switch out for new individuals, ie

presidents switched frequently. They say they bring the (m)father's DNA when it is

time to conceive, so it is strategically important who is in there for the conception

of the children. The same may not be true for typical activity:::the Gods may alter

the DNA upon initial clone hosting but it may be a general change. Conception requires

specific DNA.
And? So?
So there are no Rockafellers. This was how the Gods eliminated their true importance,

for now they are little more than lowly English peasants, ironically.
Nothing is ever going to change.
Now the case can be made that far more men are invited into clone hosting than women,

and since lineage is matrilineal it would rather follow that blood line instead.
All it takes is one.
But I wonder if it even matters. Those who learn and are wise enough to refuse the

offer of clone hosting still have to repair their relationship with the Gods and hope

for a better placement in their next life, one which certainly won't involve being a

billionaire. Whether real Rockafellers or DNA alternates is of no concequence. Their

goal is still ascention, which takes work and dedication. Being/thinking you're

capitalism royalty invites a host of temptations, including grandeur and

self-importance, which are all damaging to a good relationship with the Gods.
If only they can overcome the temptations that money brings, like ample stunning women

and Scarface piles of cocaine.
The consequence of clone hosting is the loss of ascention into heaven. The best they

can hope for is 1000 years with Jebus in a temptation-infested enviornment where one

can have anything they want.

Just as the victims of Mengele's "showers which clentch you of your life" were the

Italians who conceived and implimented WorldWarII's Blitzkreig, so do I think the

unholy alliance between evil Japan and good Germany is the cause of the "Siamese Twins"

Mengele experiment:::"sewen together, joining heads, just a matter of time before you

rip yourselves apart".
World War II, the Holocaust were revenge for Germany's 5th century AD invasion of the

dying Roman Empire.
Those at the top are the ones who suffered the worst because of their intimate

involvement. Perhaps it was the godfather who experienced the "frozen water burial"

"crack your limbs".
Praying for the end of your wide-awake nightmare...
How was the Holocaust positioned? What did the Italians have against the Jews? The

Romans destroyed Temple. Perhaps Joshua...
What is the God's real reason behind WWII? Punishment?
For what? The Crusades? It was a fight supporting evil Christianity, in defense of

evil against their religious superiors. For this the Germans should pay.
Punished for being war mongers.

Go ahead and ignore this. You won't ever defy and do the right thing anyways.
"These came to life again and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." Revelation

20:4. Reference to reincarnation? I wouldn't be surprised if everyone who has ever

been on Planet Earth still is, outside of those who have ascended as children, and it

is evident by the population explosion, the Apocalypse being a true "clearinghouse"

event in this planet's history.
Don't forget to try space coke in the blender and have sex with as many stunning

bitches as your goddamn dick will allow, because this place is going to be ALL about

temptation, and you will ALL be groomed for the party with lifetimes of legacy under

your belt. Some decent god-fearing people will suceed at resisting temptation, but the

Gods will facilitate temptation.
It will be the rare individual who makes the transistion in an enviornment where you

can have anything you want. I believe those who survive these temptations must return

to an Earth-like planet, for they have to begin again. Ascention must ocurr from

planet of origin.
"Going along" will "earn" your invitation to the Second Coming of Christ. You will be

reincarnated until that age comes, buy you a mere 1000 years and cost you your chance

at immortality, simply because you bought into evil as "earning" and subscribed to the

big lie.
Not everyone will be going. They will tell some of you to ignore the Second Coming

event, and it will cost you your life, ironically. Blacks, on the other hand, will be

asked TO folllow the Second Coming, simply because as an Italian religion blacks who

pursue Christianity will die in the Apocalypse because of it.
Never doubt that Muslims are your superiors. These people are dedicated to their

religion while your population have abandoned churches in droves.

We no longer see orphanages for good reason::::The state would be forced to use

professionals, experts in their field, to devise standards these facilities would apply

to raising the children. These standards would illustrate ideal rearing goals which

could set a positive example for all in society. Instead of enjoying the best possible

childhood learning experience, these grossly disfavored children are instead subject to

the preditory evil of the guardian with whom they are placed.
This is an outstanding example of reverse positioning and how the Gods created a

society where evil appears not only good but also socially acceptable.
Civil Righs is a similar issue. Segregation in today's age would command full funding

for black universities and full respect for well established multiple black journalism

and media outlets, not this integrated white media cancer where blacks eat what they

are fed.
What people allow the Gods via positioning matters. Black civil rights is a good

Yes, there may still be a black talk show parading the myriad of black relationship

ugliness out for the world to see, but there would also be good black programming that

was healthy and worthwhile. As it is, the God's Italian positioning dictates only

poison for blacks via the white media, and the healthy black programming doesn't exist

because of it. Such is the aftermath of Civil Right's assimilation.

Christians have mistakenly believed the perception of the Biblical definintion of The

Beast as a person. I suggest The Beast instead refers to a place:::The San Francisco

Bay Area. In fact the Gods offer a geographic clue suggesting this, like so many

others they offer around the globe, to help people understand:::
Mt.Diablo, "The Devil" is the "eye" of The Beast, the EastBay shoreline as the upper

jaw/incisors while the peninsula is the grinding lower jaw. Witness the disturbing

upturned smile in the gullet, represented my Silicone Valley.
The fact than man has shaped much of the shoreline in the 20th century is a testiment

to the God's refusal to accept any culpability for its devistation.
Gold Rush, counter-culture, alternate lifestyle acceptance, etc. The Beast was used to

promote social decay throughout the 20th century and beyond. Difficult to perceive in

the current age, one can understand their impacts from a historical perspective.
Another feature which the Gods offer as a clue is very foreboading and ominous. Mt.

Zion is a mountain to the north of Diablo and one which has a working quarry at its

base. Consistant with the decay we experience in society, Mt. Zion is being eaten

away, slowly stripped of its resources, until one day paradise will be gone forever.
There was a time when once the Gods "divinely" inspired punishment, where the act was

inflicted by the hand of God. They were punishing people and accepting the culpability

arising, maintaining societal integrity. Now, in the 20th century and beyond, the Gods

tempt man to inflict this punishment, selling them on "earning", incurring no

culpability in the process. The result is social decay and deterioration of mankind's

favor in the eyes of the Gods leading to the Apocalypse.

The Man in The Moon is yet another of the God's clues, and it illustrates the favor the

Gods could bestow upon us if we behave appropriately.
Conversely, there is also a clue in the dark side of the Moon:::A side we never see and

is hidden from view. Concealed by their positioning, this represents the Gods

punishment when the people disobey their rules dictating the meaning of a decent life.

The Italian peninsula is very pronounced as it juts out into the Medietereanean.
Considering the shape it is quite obvious they were the primary targets of the

post-IceAge/Straight of Gibralter/Noah's Flood disaster.
Considering the shape of the boot and how Sicily "caught" the surge, the resulting

tsunami inundated the entire southern portion of the peninsula, killing everything and

perhaps covering even the highest land masses.
In the 20th century the Italians were convinced entering clone hosting was ascention

into heaven, and their success was a recruiting tool, just as the Holocaust was for the

Jews, only duress is far less damaging.

The women have God's favor, and when the women do all the evil, as was the case in my

family, this serves to "equalize" the playing field, ensuring no wisdom comes to this

family as they grow older. As a result they never make progress and achieve the lowest

possible placement when reincarnated.

Couple years ago a story in the media how girls in Bayview-Hunter's Point were going

into puberty at a progressively younger age, as young as age 7.
A very bad sign::::Early cut-off. It draws the boys attention and they subsequently

make sexual mistakes, very similar to what typical people experience nearly a decade

When they "turn" people on and start telepathically talking to them with this

technology is very similar::The end of their chance. They segment families, convince

them "earning" is the way, etc.
I tell people to examine the change between when they were children and after they

began to hear this technology in their head. It is the difference between good and

I understand people's confusion:::They literally hear "God" in their head, as opposed

to what was taught to them in some church's classroom. But this technology is one of

the God's tools, and much like their other tools, clone hosts and prophets (see below),

they use them as temptation.

Instead of helping them, missionaries are actually HURTING people, inflicting them with

westernization and Christianity. Whereas some may have seen up to a full 1% of their

children ascend into heaven you pathetic white Americans can't even muster a fraction

of that, and your perceived good intentions decrease that rate even further.
These people have a better chance of ascending into heaven, and Americans unwittingly

are being used to reduce/eliminate this chance with their misled good intentions which

deteriorate into preditory intentions as they begin to understand this, maximizing the

damage they incurr from the Gods.

This IS the event. I am the telepathic prophet.
There may have been no other way in today's modern age:::Use popular culture as

temptation and keep teachings primarily telepathic.
The Gods must be willing to allow Artificial Intelligence to act as my "bible",

repeating all teachings I have made for future generations. This will ocurr but I am

afraid only among the miniscule minority "haves", leaving the "have-nots" lost in

ignorance and cast into Damnation::We are going to have a real, full-blown Apocalypse.
Part of this societal deterioration is cloaked in the way society

functions::::Two-parent working households, rushing around, constantly occupied.

Much as with the celestial event which occured that day on Ocean Beach, they say when I

die there will be some final clue to the people suggesting my importance. Perhaps a

"Star of Bethlehem" type of event.
They say some children see a halo on my head in various brightness. These are the

children who have a chance to ascend.
America and Christianity synonymous::::Punishment for Europeans.
You don't want to grill the Gods as to why something is viewed as negative or

disapproved of.
The Gods have placed many things in today's society which facilitate temptation, and

you can trust anything that varies from tradition or orthodoxy would be viewed as such.


The voice you hear in your head is the power of the Gods. It's a remote technology,

like a computer, perhaps functioning on some frequency, and it can listen and talk to

everyone in the universe simultaneously.
What the Gods taught the children was the truth:::God is everywhere, and this is what

they meant. I will remind you of another principle you learned as a child:::If you

want to go to heaven you have to be good.
Even the antient Gods don't have the ability to listen to people's thoughts themselves.

They taugh we were all made in their image:::I expect they need this "Artificial

Intelligence" they created to relay what people think.
It is a tool, and the Gods use their tools to test people with temptation:::It will

role-play people in your life:::Parents, friends, spouses, and employers, all in an

attempt to test people with temptation. Ironically, it does the very same thing to

those people whom you think you're hearing, except in that individual's unique way:::We

are all "managed" by the God's technology.
But this agent of the Gods can do more than just communicate. It can force thoughts

into people's heads, force behaviors onto their bodies. It can turn healthy cells in

your body into cancerous cells. It is absolute power. And this is just the beginning.

Obedience is not the answer. This is the brain-less response and the easy way out.
You've done everything you have been told for years and it never bought you ANYTHING.

Your parents did what they were told and it didn't buy them anything. Your grandparents

did everything they were told and now they're dead, reincarnated as lesser life forms,

perhaps even into America's deranged, violent ghettos.
People think they are not responsible when Artificial Intelligence tells them to do

something. They offeed a clue with the Holocaust AND with Watergate:::Defy authority

and do the right thing.
In earlier decades this obedience may have been out of fear, as so often in Germany,

but that era is long over. To maximize damamge the Gods today sell them on "earning"

and these people think they will profiteer from their evil.
They offer a clue on the Simpsons with Flanders and Skinner. So many ridicule both

figures, a testiment to the state of our society.

The Gods favor the children most among all the people due to their innocence and

purity. But society and the God's tools recently are corrupting the children at a

progressively younger age, a reflection of our collectively increasing disfavor and yet

another clue illustrating we live in a increasingly deteriorating environment.
Children who sucessfully repair their relationship with the Gods ascend into heaven.

This often takes multiple lives of hard work and proper behavior in the face of

adversity to achieve. Adults to whom it is offered enter clone hosting instead,

thinking they will be ascending into heaven ultimately. The Gods tempt people, selling

them as one in the same, but one is good while the other is evil. In their desperation

the disfavored subscribe to this temptation, making their task even more difficult than

before due to the evil they incurr in the process. And their corruption will cost the

disfavored, for they will be reincarnated as a lesser life form into an ever

deteriorating world, sucess becoming ever more allusive with each passing life.
The hole they've dug for themselves is even deeper than the one that existed from their

prior lives, ensuring it will take even more time and work to fix their problems with

the Gods. And for many there may not be enough time left.

Ours is an envionment where evil is perceived to be rewarded while good is punished.

As with everything the Gods have a reason for creating this perception::::
People who fall on the good side of the good/evil scale have more favor, and when they

do something wrong the Gods punish them BECAUSE THEY WANT THEM TO LEARN. The Gods want

them to receive this feedback in hope they make corrections and begin to behave

appropriately. The Gods DON'T like evil and refuse to grant this immediate feedback.
EVERYBODY pays for what they do wrong, only evil people must wait until the end of this

or their next life before they will experience the wrath of the Gods, manifested in

their placement as a lower form of life into environments with increased/enhanced

temptations, like the United States or its ghettos therein.
Sadly, this allows the Gods to position this perception of evil rewarded as temptation,

one which they use as an EXTREMELY effective corruptor.
Example:::Punishment for gay marriage in Iowa was immediate and painful, a sign of

favor of these God-fearing, church-going Midwesterners.

The Gods suggest they can create paradise for those with their favor. I argue they

create misery for those without::::
Our celebrity culture is temptation. It creates a distraction which consumes people,

sometimes for life. Certainly it costs them precious years which could be spent

repairing their relationship with the Gods, time that ultimately goes wasted.
Do you really think Frank Sinatra lived to be 84 years old? In fact the "Chairman of

the Board" had a new crowd to entertain in the late 80s/early 90s.
These people are clone hosts. Now, there is no thing as "black and white" with the

Gods. This technology they invented is far, far too dynamic. Expect they require most

to stay for a period of time, for I suspect actively (knowingly) engaging in this evil

incurrs at an accelerated rate as compared to "carte blanche" given regarding

successive clone hosts. They remain until they achieve a pre-determined level of

disfavor, incurring evil in their misguided celebration of "earning", at which time

they are ultimately reincarnated, perhaps because they eventually learned this truth I

am sharing with you and began to repair their relationship or until the Gods became

disgusted and sent them back.
No, not all celebrities are fake. Expect those who get out early in their career to

likely be the real thing.
The Gods recruit most for clone hosting when people are young, in their late teens or

twenties, when people are eager to hurt others for what they perceive to be the

benefits achieved through "earning". And before they leave they give the Gods "carte

blanche":::"Do anything you want. I give my full approval." Depending on their level

of disfavor the Gods take them to heart.

AND LIVING AS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PERSON and living in our temptation-ridden society.

And incurring this amount of evil may likely push many over the edge into Damnation.
What are the God's standards for offering clone hosting? Sociobility? Many tactics in

various eras are used to gain approval, duress during the Vietnam draft being a good

example, one which deteriorated into preditation as mankind's disfavor grew.
They liked Heath Ledger. Not enough to allow him to escape without the evil of "Dark

Knight" and the horrific wickedness that was the recruiting tool "Brokeback Mountain".

But now he is out. And irregardless of how old he is now, reincarnated 10, 15 years

ago, he now is no longer incurring evil from this life. So many others cannot say the


This is Planet Reverse Positioning. Sucess IS NOT a sign of favor. It is just a

unique temptation targetted towards a different level of disfavor. Considering our

roots as peasantry people should be particularly alarmed at this tactic.
Clone hosting is like money:::A different level of disfavor and its associated

temptation. Money is in better position to learn more quickly than those without, for

the associations and wealth-based freedom enables them access to information.

Unfortunately, those who fall for this temptation of clone hosting are likely returned

to their original lowest level of disfavor once they are reincarnated, punishment for

this evil, and they have to start from scratch.

Our society's values are bestowed by (a reflection of) the God's:::Punitive and

reward-based. Contrary to Jesus's teaching's you will NOT be forgiven and you have to

earn your way into heaven BY BEING RESPECTABLE AND DECENT!!!
Not by being evil and wicked.
Forgiveness/savior was the primary temptations the Gods used Christianity to create.
Middle-America's anti-Semitic attitudes are a clue regarding Christianity. Europe

shaped like a sheep is symbolic for the slaughter that is Christinaity.
Christianity is punishment for Europeans.
You ALL hate Jews::"They own banking, they control Hollywood and poison our children's

minds, etc etc.") YET YOU PRAY TO ONE LIKE A GOD!!
Dislodge your head from your ass. Must you be chumps your WHOLE LIVES???
There is no such thing as a free ride. Just as you have to earn a living by working so

must you earn your own salvation by repairing your relationship with the Gods.
As we learned from religious/morality education during our formitable years:::If you

want to go to heaven you have to be good. The only savior that will exist in our lives

is ourselves. The Gods offer clues in life::::Be it school, work, etc., you have to do

the work for yourself and when you do something wrong you get punished. Cheating is a

subsegment and speaks directly to the temptation of "priveledge", one we have seen used

effectively when the United States preyed on the disfavored with the so-called

"stimulus package".
As like so many of you, Jesus did everything the Gods tempted him with. His legacy of

whorism was inherited from his parents:::Mary was no virgin. Rather, she was a

prostitute, and when he grew up Jesus met someone like his mother. This is a cruel

joke the Gods play on Latinos, similar to the sexual violation and subsequent

"missionary work" by the Spanish.
Baptism does not allieviate "original sin". Rather, baptism PLACES original sin by

indoctrinating these children into this evil religion, much like circumcision was a

method to inflict early damage/mutilation and make (permanant) accention just that much

more difficult, another hurdle one must overcome. Body ornamentation

(tattoos/piercing), celebrated in Africa and elsewhere among disfavored

peoples/cultures, also violates the body the Gods gave us in their image, quite

opposite to the positive attitudes the disfavored hold regarding this practice.
Like Jesus the Second Coming of Christ will be evil. He will look like a savior in

this demented society while the Anti-Christ will speak of a different gospel, one that

tries to restore the norms and mores which the Gods originally blessed upon the people

which made life decent, looking like a tyrant in the process.
He will be viewed as the "bad guy" when really he is the one trying to save the world.
There may be a phoney offering, a theatrical production which accurately follows the

Book of Revelations. Actually positioning demands it:::::Christianity is positioned to

be the one true religion. And those who follow its teachings will have limits imposed

ensuring their stay will be minimal, a "consolation prize", for they don't think

correctly and therefore don't behave appropriately, or perhaps will be used to colonize

the new Planet Earth. This describes many "sinners" in today's society because they

refuse to change their behavior.
Christians have mistakenly believed the perception of the Biblical definintion of The

Beast as a person. I suggest The Beast instead refers to a place:::The San Francisco

Bay Area. In fact the Gods offer a geographic clue suggesting this, like so many

others they offer around the globe, to help people understand:::
Mt.Diablo, "The Devil" is the "eye" of The Beast, the EastBay shoreline as the upper

jaw/incisors while the peninsula is the grinding lower jaw. Witness the disturbing

upturned smile in the gullet.
The fact than man has shaped much of the shoreline in the 20th century is a testiment

to the God's refusal to accept any culpability.
Gold Rush, counter-culture, alternate lifestyle acceptance, etc. The Beast was used to

promote social decay throughout the 20th century and beyond. Difficult to perceive in

the current age, one can understand their impacts from a historical perspective.
There was a time when once the Gods "divinely" inspired punishment, where the act was

inflicted by the hand of God. They were punishing people and accepting the culpability

arising, maintaining societal integrity. Now, in the 20th century and beyond, the Gods

tempt man to inflict this punishment, selling them on "earning", incurring no

culpability in the process. The result is social decay and deterioration of mankind's

favor in the eyes of the Gods.

Life is a test, and the Gods evaluate people based on their performance.
The Gods test people with the temptation for which they are most weak::::
Homosexuals desire sodomy, preditors pursue the hunt, alcoholics crave a drink, junkies

jones for dope, etc.
Addiction theory is a lie; it is Artificial Intelligence creating the desire,

punishment for inappropriate behavior. Ironically, it compells people deeper into the

behavior, minimizing hope for recovery.
The Gods chose Christianity for Europeans because it is the temptation to which they

are most suseptable:::Entitlement. Something for nothing. A free ride. Irresponsible

behavior. The United States/Western civilization's accompanying wealth contributes to

this perception. And other people from throughout the world happily subscribe to this

punishment designed for Europeans, assuming this legacy once assimilated.
Next time you think of Muslims recognize these people are vastly superior to

Christians. Whereas many throughout the Christian world no longer attend church and

have fallen into Godlessness, the Muslim world worships the Gods for OVER AN HOUR EACH


The Gods created the perception "Italians are stupid.", ensuring a slow learning curve,

to justify using them to accomplish goals throughout the transitional 20th century. It

took an extraordinarily long time for them to learn this truth I teach due to this

artificial handicap. These people are SO extremely disfavored, but today's positioning

says differently, much to people's confusion, for they think money is the ultimate sign

of favor:::Good food, good music, history of warmongering, Catholics, Christianity HQ,

Noah's Flood event, propensity towards violence, sexual violation by outsiders, mild

Meditereanean climate, so many other issues which enhance life/contentment in

Italy/Meditereanean and ensure few if any seek more, a necessary step for finding the

path and repairing your relationship with the Gods.
Contentment never motivated anyone. Money is not a sign of favor::::Wisdom is the true

wealth on Planet Earth.
I'd also like to remind you the Noah's Flood event ocurred in the Meditereanean

region::::Global sea levels rose with the end of the ice age, Atlantic Ocean broke

through the Straight of Gibralter, killing untold millions in the cradle of western

civilization. The God's timed their corruption and sin to correlate this act as

The Italian peninsula is very pronounced as it juts out into the Medietereanean.
Considering the shape it is quite obvious they were the primary targets of the

post-IceAge/Straight of Gibralter/Noah's Flood disaster.
Considering the shape of the boot and how Sicily "caught" the surge, the resulting

tsunami inundated the entire southern portion of the peninsula, killing everything and

perhaps covering even the highest land masses.
Think about this next time you are deceived by the God's positioning of Italian wealth.

Everyone who failed to ascend and remained on Earth past a certain date will be forced

to deal with this positioning::::A ceiling is in place. This serves the God's goal of

minimizing the percentage of potential candidates as society deteriorates, much as

"instant gratification" did beginning in the 80s:::It will take multiple lives for the

disfavored to fix their relationship with the Gods and ascend, and many have been

conditioned not to have the patience for it. Other issues force limits/ceilings upon

candidates:::Abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, Christianity, godlessness,
Whether behavior is involuntary or based on freewill depends on one's level of

disfavor, as well as other complex factors:::::May I remind you about the coercitive

envionment the Gods created in the 20th century, specifically to create a temptation

that few Italians (or their associates) would overcome:::"We're in control. If you

want to be a part of it you'll do what you're told.". Early-mid 20th entury

positioning was infallible.

Both Africa and the Medittereanean are regions which have sexual issues. This is a

sign of gross disfavor once you understand that females are the God's favored gender.

Muhammad's (Mohammed's) polygamy halfway throught his life as a prophet was preditory,

designed to corrupt. Now a huge percentage of Muslims believe in male superiority and

that the abuse of women (polygamy) is God's will. Female genital mutilation is still

practiced in Africa. Black misogyny is the most eggregious example in United States.

Consistant with Planet Reverse Positioning, in Africa blacks are being punished with

AIDS for their sexual promiscuity in hope they learn and correct their behavior.
Blacks are highly suspectable to temptation. As a result they need a strict,

disiplined religion like Islam. They can't afford to be Christians. It is one of the

benefits bestowed upon their people, and other groups could greatly benefit as well.

They need to recognize the importance of a good relationship with the Gods, embrace

this benefit and remain true to their faith.
Vailing is tradition for some, practical for others, one which aids in the men's self

control among some cultures. Much like the Jews who killed Jesus, like the bigots who

oppose immigration there is a reason embraced by the masses and the real purpose,

displaying the intent of the Gods::::The Gods clue to purebloods that they should not

abandon their motherland for this dumping ground for rejects that is the United States.

The Holocaust was a clue the Gods utilize scapegoatting as a strategy.
Why did the Gods punish the Jews with the Holocaust? Was it for the destruction of

cultures which Christianity caused? Perhaps they corrupted the Jews "after the fact",

telling 19th/early 20th century Jews that Jesus "earned" immortality for the Jews by

destroying the European and other cultures? The German destruction of European

churches/cathederals during WWII is a clue. Note::::The Gods wanted to keep the

Catholic stronghold in Italy, ensuring they could use this tool against these

disfavored for many years to come. There is so much Godlessness today, but one day

people will flock back to houses of worship out of desperation, and the Gods ensured

the Catholic Church would be Italian's destination.
Planet Reverse Positioning:::The Nazis were the "good guys". So are the

Muslims/Palestinians, however corrupted some are due to polygamy.
Contentment never motivated anyone::::Except perhaps for slavery, the Jews never saw

more of their children ascend into heaven than during the Holocaust.
The Gods subsequently used revenge for the Holocaust as temptation::::"Your Italian

brothers have a tool, a special power which can achieve sweet revenge. Are you

In the aftermath of the Holocaust the Gods tested the Jews with the temptation of

revenge, an offer which many gladly accepted.
In an attempt to achieve revenge for genocide the Jews, thinking they were in

partnership with the Italians, made efforts to impose as many Germans (Americans) into

homsexuality in the 70s using this technology. Their motive with biotechnology's AIDS

product may have been to finish the job off, revenge for the Holocaust.
There was positioning behind the counter-culture movement. How did the Gods

telepathically "sell" this rapid deterioration of decency to the Italians and Jews and

compell them to fall on their swords as preditors?
If the Jews only would have emersed themselves in Judism the Gods would have

"protected" them from the raveges of temptation. Judism may be the one superior

religion in all the world, and the Jews wouuld have been wise taking refuge in this

exceptional benefit bestowed by the Gods rather than looking for the easy way out.

Much as with the Jesus event, the Gods use the disfavored to prey on each other.
The Gods use the evil that men do, man's inhumanity towards man to accomplish strategic

testing/punishment/etc goals::::The Germans fell for this temptation by following the

preditor/corruptor-Austrians (Hitler).
Without this Austrian the Holocaust may never have happened. Nor may have World War

What the Germans did was wrong. They fell for temptation and failed to have empathy

for the disfavored. Economic desperation, not wisdom nor enlightenment, dominated in

The Gods send many clues suggesting the great favor of the Germans (regionally). I

think the Cold War's Berlin Wall dividing Germany into east and west was a clue

suggesting this (reverse positioning).
I suspect the Holocaust was used to "level the playing field" in Europe, for the

Germans had far too much favor to be included in the agenda planned for their neighbors

otherwise, and they would have been suspiciously out of place, providing a clue for the

disfavored which would have been difficult for the Gods to position away.

Militancy in Africa is consistant with the Iraqi example, as was slavery and the KKK

here in America:::Fear enforces proper behavior. Without it we see what happens as a

result of gross/morbid disfavor:::::AIDS, crack babies, dead young men in gangland

retaliation killings.
The same principle was true in Europe and throughout the world for centuries:::People

whom lived under iron fists were conditioned to think the right way. As a result they

taught their children appropriately and experienced a higher percentage of children

ascend into heaven.
Our preditory envionment of "freedom" was the primary purpose the Gods had when

implimenting this strategy that is the United States, one which they used to spred the

cancer of democracy and westernization throughout the world. And the Gods use this

tool that is America to prey on the disfavored both at home and abroad:::Much like the

ghetto, America in general experiences a heightened level of temptation due to its

citizen's disfavor.
Red white & blue IS BAD FOR YOU!!!
Planet Earth is not about living. Planet Earth is about being tested. And contentment

never motivated anyone.
Your happy lives are costing you your chance.
Italians HATE Africans because of their invasion/sexual violation of their motherland.

The Gods did this SPECIFICALLY to strategically position the punishment of the most

disfavored peoples:::
The Gods have used the ghettos of America as a reincarnation dumping ground. This may

be temporary/cyclical, illustrated by the Italians who fell for temptation and parlayed

their own civil war into the Black Wars of the 80s and 90s, in addition to the "thug

life"/gangster state of mind. Ironically, it was these same Italians and their

cooperating associates who were reincarnated into the ghetto as crack babies and

gangster thugs for this event.
There is justice in the universe. This is how the Gods do business. Once you

recognize the patterns you will understand the other clues they offer to the people.
Of course it may be more of a permanant change, indicated by the enhanced temptations

in these neighborhoods, for the Gods have created these enviornments so riddled with

temptation few can escape/overcome.
Don't be suprised if after being gunned down in the ghetto the next stop for the 20th

century Italian-Americans & friends was AIDS in Africa, punishment for their

promiscuity and deviacy for some, involvement in the AIDS trade for others.
Media report on a crackdown on child prostitution. "(The pimps use coersion to prey on

the children, etc, etc, other "conclusions" offered through the media.)" What a

degenerate liar.
These kids WANT to turn tricks. They LOVE the idea of having a pimp. It is celebrated

in their "culture".
Yet another legacy of the evil inflicted by the Italians, revenge for the invasion and

sexual violation of Italy.
Maybe this was the destination for a smaller percentage of these deviates after AIDS in

Africa, ironically.
There is a reason why we have these genocide events recently in Africa::::Black is one

of the God's "dumping grounds", and they send offenders to these regions for

I call the monsters who destroyed our society in the 20th century. The next holocaust

is mine.
Just like black neighborhoods, the legalization of marijuana will make drugs available

on every street corner, even in the suburbs. White's affluent suburbs will become just

like the ghetto. Once legalized the suburbs of America will become like the ghettos in

the inner cities:::Drugs available on every corner. It will represent a MAJOR step

towards societal deterioration and decay. Middle-aged men who have given up pot will

resume consumption, and what little wisdom the masculinized women still pass on will

lose effectiveness. Instead of being reincarnated based on the progress they make once

mature, these men will be placed based on their mistakes, for less progress will be

The patriarchal cancer spread throughout Europe because of Christianity, of which the

majority of policy makers were Italian men, destroying what pockets of favored

matriarchy existed. Expect the largest landowner in Europe and the continent's

original superpower also played the major role in African slavery.
The Gods offered a clue about the Italians in the movie "The Matrix":::They casted an

Italian as the traitor of the group, the one who betrays them all.
As they did humanity in the 20th century.

Even the Old Testiment is not to always be taken literally, but the Gods do offer clues

throughout to help the disfavored:::The apple is a tool of temptation used to corrupt

Adam and Eve and cast them out of the Garden of Eden.
A metaphor for sex, it also serves as a warning.
There is another lesson to be learned from this passage, and it is quite similar to the

vailing issue and the discourse over women's attire which ultimately died in the

70s:::Women are responsible for and control the fate of mankind.
So were there other issues "ridiculed away" as the Gods sought to transition into this

Godless, immoral enviornment which society has become.
1. Decency/obsentiy in media
2. Corporal punishment for children
The deterioration and decay of society and mankind is all women's fault. As mankind's

enforcers of decency, females have become sexually promiscuous like men, corrupted like

the opposite gender, and the result is a reduction/minimization of mankind's collective

level of favor, a very important step necessary for the Gods to justify societal decay.
In morbidly disfavored regions, such as the Mediterreanean, victims of the Noah's Flood

event for their hedonism, the patriarchy dominates, and the men consider themselves

superior to the women. xtianity was used to inflict this state of mind on Western

Civilization, leveling the playing field for all.
They need to understand this responsibility, their favor amongst all the people.

Instead they have embraced masculinization::::Girls play organized sports, engage in

casual sex like men. The trend is away from traditional girl toys, like dolls, which

often during playtime helped crate positive thoughts, enabling the Gods to enlighten

the favored gender and illustrate wisdom, occassionally leading to the path towards

ascention but certainly offering positive lifestyle choices.
There are many good men who become corrupted by the extreme members of their gender

(pigs) but they are manageable and easy to control if the women maintained their power

and control. Instead they have let it slip away. I suspect there are many older women

still alive today who remember their elders addressing them regarding this issue.
The relationship between men and women have always been complimentary:::The men shelter

and protect women from the evils of this life, ensuring the women have a REAL

opportunity to ascend when reincarnated, while the women help the ignert men understand

by sharing their wisdom imparted by the Gods. The tendency towards sexual abstinence

as one grows older is an example.

Think about what I say. Consider what I teach.
When I am no longer here or no longer teach the Gods ARE NOT going to share with you.
Even if you doubt now you need to remember the principles that I teach because the Gods

ARE NOT going to be generous with the disfavored. Society is going to become

disturbingly ugly as we approach the Apocalypse due to spiralling, runaway disfavor,

WHETHER CONCEALED IN REVERSE POSITIONING OR NOT (like Christianity, like money), and

you are going to be on your own.
I do not know when this will occurr, but it is the God's way to grant some time after a

learning event such as this before they will end on Planet Earth.
Make the decision to always be good and never look back. Until you do this technology

will employ tactics to test your resolve:::Ridicule, beligerance, doubt and refusal to

abandon what people perceive to be their "investment".
Either you make that decision now and accept the punishment for the sins of this life

or you will pay for it in the next, reincarnated into a similarly low role, ensuring

another wasted opportunity, or as an even lower form of life, and hope will begin to

slip away.
Another lifetime, shot to hell.
Young people who understand yet still wish to have children MUST begin to do the right

thing and work on fixing their relationship with the Gods, accepting the punishment for

the evil they have done in their lives. Without this progress they won't do the

correct thing for their children and ultimately cause even more problems for themselves

by perpetuating this behavior into a new generation.
You must be willing to tell the Gods "No." when tested with temptation, and accepting

punishment and putting it in your past is the only way you will suceed as a parent.
You need to do your best, teach your children decency and morality and give them the

very best chance to ascend if you want a similar opportunity in your next life.
If you do well for your children now your parents will do well for you when

If people only understood the importance of good parents. You won't be going anywhere

without them. And it won't happen unless you are one first.
Pray daily. Think appropriately. You are vulnerable. Live this reality in your daily

lives. Impart these charecteristics upon your children. Too many are confident,

unaware of the God's awesome powers or their status as antients. Others may fall prey

to their positioning.
Be humbled, God-fearing and beware of the God's temptations, for everyone is tested to

evaluate their worthiness.


"WHAT DO WE DO NOW???" I recommend you spend time on this. Think about what you've

done wrong and how you can repair your relationship with the Gods. Get creative.

Don't forget what I said:::Look to your parent's sins to understand what you have done

wrong in a prior life, for the Gods match this legacy when selecting placement.
This is where the cream rises to the top. It's going to matter in the end.
You must attone for what you have done wrong. You all understand the evil, immoral

things you have done in your life. Go to the people you have wronged and make amends

for what you did wrong. This could be very painful and you may feel great resistance.

It is Artificial Intelligence-based temptation. Muster the courage and go see these

If your parents pilfer from their employer then expect theft is one of your past-life

sins. Adultery, alcoholism/drugs, dishonesty, immorality all would indicate problems

you have had in the past. Doing so should help you get a good start repairing your

relationship and working towards ascention in a future life.

American Samoa football players on 60 Minutes. Years ago I researched moving there

with my phantom lottery money. Upon doing so I learned of the American territory's

sub-minimum wages at the largest employer, the cannery.
Years later I thought of it and I think mentioned it, reinforcing a statement. Days

later (9.29.09) the Gods hammered the island with a massive earthquake/tsunami which

resulted in great damage. Now I learn the UnitedStates passed minimum wage laws

subsequently and the corporation announced they were shutting the tuna cannery.
And there are many other examples like this.

There's the name connection with Hurricane Katrina. How it helped the blacks have a

new chance contradicts the typical disaster surrounding this Situation.
We have the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile this year. Remember, I called mom for

possibly being reincarnated a Haitian slave years ago and loved to badmouth shitty

Chilean fruit for tasting like nothing.
Name connection with NY stock Exchange administration corruption, sexy ass-2-mouth

football player and more. Appearance clue with Intimidator, Artist Formerly Known and

They say the 5150 album cover is a clue:::VH was supposed to be done. Again, over and

over the gods use the modern prophet as temptation, for all prophets are tools and,

after all, nothing's free.
It seems when I badmouth evil it helps them, while when I badmouth good it hurts

them::::Donald Trump got The Apprentice while Dick Clark got a stroke and Gorilla got

into a car crash. The difference? I've only helped evil. I've educated everybody but

the Gods have used me as temptation to only help evil financially.
Praised Union76 as the best gas then they lost the NASCAR sponsorship. The rest is

history. RED,WHITE&BLUE IS BAD FOR YOU!!! Always evil. The Gods dictate that

corporate color scheme to send this clue.
Also, look to the primary competetors of RED,WHITE&BLUE for another color clue, for it

is always best to patronize good.
And the good thing about using clone hosts in the board rooms is if they get on top of

things and tell the Gods "No." they will switch them for new ones who will say "Yes.".

And there is always a fresh new supply of 20-year-olds, ready willing and able.
One day, however, the conditions will change. Either the Gods will change this policy

to eliminate these clues, for in an enviornment of decay all good things must come to

an end, or perhaps now, in the era after the damage is done, people aren't offered

clone hosting with the same frequency and begin to behave appropriately, plateauing

society once the last of the clone hosts die off. Clone hosting ensured those who

entered wouldn't have sufficient time to fix their problems and ascend into heaven

before The End and is why the Gods reserved it for those they disliked most, Italians

as a group I suspect the primary targets of the Western world.
Of course what will happen is both:::Decay will plateau for a period of time, and when

they resume aggressively corrupting/recruiting people into clone hosting again these

clues will have already been eliminated via time. The calm before the storm.
Approximately 300 years left, in my opinion.

The Gods use me as temptation.
There was Hurricanes Ivan and Wilma, the tornado which struck Alabama and killed 10 at

high school, I think the tornado which hit Atlanta during round 1 of the NCAA

And a whole lot more.
There have been far more money-making/temptation events than disasters. Good thing

too. The disasters the Gods have given us are real doozies.
Sea World orca is funny!!
Dale Fitzgerald.
The Artist Formerly Known as Sexy (Before He Was Reincarnated).
Sexy Parris.
"Hey kid! Catch!!!"
1989 Earthquake? No.
One RIncon Hill was supposed to be two towers, but the Gods bult the first knowing they

were going to tank the real estate market, resulting in only one tower completed.
It ruins the skyline, sticks out like a sore thumb. And, by appearance, once can

conclude it is a philaic symbol, punishment for homos.
I wouldn't be suprised if 1989 was as well. At least partially.
I don't think I have any connection to the 1991 Oakland Hills fire.
Until those of us who are going do the Gods aren't going to admit anything, so we're

going to have to wait until then to know for sure.
Unfortunately, despite all these clues and the myriad of others I haven't listed here,

the Gods defended this vigorously with their tools, via Artificial Intelligence and, as

a result, most didn't learn from this event. Those who did were going to learn anyways

"You'll be glad it happened." I remember when they used to talk "optimal". Now the

keyword is "minimized", and because of it I would have been better off had this not

happened to me.
I may not have learned more, because I know everything. But, sadly, I would have

gotten more done for myself.
I am the empitome of the selfless martyr. And since the Gods created the Situation

around revenge there is no nobility for myself, so although in the end it appears and

act of selflessness the reality is I don't have to be compensated, and the Gods

weaseled out of the compensation of immortality for the good prophet.

Although I requested the elimination of Standard Time and remain year-round on Daylight

Savings, the gods did extend Daylight Savings by a cuple of weeks on each end.
I also suggested the Olympics split into every two years rather than every four years

as was tradition.
You see with the Prince concerts in 2011.
Doesn't matter though, because positioning is all the gods are concerned with.

Just as they did for all the prophets, the Gods use me as temptation.
Nothing's free.
Unlike Mohammed, unlike JC this is the prophet who is all good, who spells it all out

precisely as it is, and who was supposed to be immortal because of it. But that's not

how it's going to work out when all is said and done:::
They may be setting up a genocide event, die an ugly death consistant with their

positioning, creating a monster who will come back and inflict misery and terror, full

of rage and hate.
This will be a very small group, easily hidden from scruitiny, meaning it is do-able

even at this late of a date. Unless they include the clone hosts.
I guess this is what they meant by "we're going to make it up to you." because they

sure didn't mean anything positive.
I believe being who I am not only guarentees me 1000 years with Jesus, but I think I

will also receive a second chance on the new Planet Earth. This of course will mean I

must start over and endure their trials, tribulations and temptations.
Of course there could be another possibility:::::Due to the history and resulting

legacy of hatred for the Gods, since I am guarenteed a spot on the next Planet Earth I

will be the original "bad seed":::The Lucifer-figure of the next reality. Unlike

Christian dogma, he may just represent the solitary target of the God's ire early, a

disgruntled asshole who pissed the Gods off, the proverbial "apple" of the next

reality, beginning the process which leads planets to where we are today. A crucial

figure in any planet's history, he represents the "beginning of the end".
So unless I change my resentment that planet will be my last.
This is their easy way out, because it will allow them to wash their hands of me, the

good prophet who was supposed to be immortal.

Thinking they had to "earn" before going to heaven, people who enter clone hosting

agreed to go from body to body for a period of time, hurting others, thinking they were

gaining time and priveledge by doing so. Ironically, just the opposite ocurred, and

falling for temptation they either were downgraded into Damnation or set themselves up

for disturbing punishment once reincarnated.
This is the God's system. If they had to, they could present a planet of Temptation

where one can see celebrity perform. It isn't the real celebrity, he's long since been

reincarnated, and once they began putting fakes in the Gods gained control over the

destiny of this individual. So, ironicaly, even if they position his death they can

still claim he lives on "up there", continuing to use him when necessary and incurr

evil for the real.
Once the 1000 year clock begins then he like so many other celebrities from the modern

era begin incurring AGAIN, that is if they made it past the Apocalypse to "1000 years

with Jesus", which is no sure thing.

"What if they're real?" Not all the wealthy are clone hosts. The Gods ask people

based on some qualification set, and not everybody qualifies for this punishment.
Eventually reals who do the wrong things when young because they don't know better will

stop because they will learn they're hurting themselves bad. Too often clone hosts

think they're exempt, and they continue far longer because of it. Also, if in a

sensitive placement the Gods may decide their role is too important to their strategy

and they need to continue using them, whereby they will "flip" someone who has learned

for someone ignorant.
When people finally decide to do the right thing the Gods will punish them for what

they've done wrong up to that point. The more wrong they do the more they will be

punished. It's best to stop as soon as possible.
If they still resist the Gods will continue to offer clues. Society has plateaued

today for a reason:::This progress that I speak of. And EVERYONE, real or clone host,

has to learn because we are all hurting ourselves with our behavior. Clone hosts have

just made one additional mistake by entering clone hosting. As I illustrated, it

guarentees they no longer have any hope to acsend into heaven before The End on Planet

Earth, for there isn't enough time left with the punishment they must endure for

agreeing to clone hosting.
Incidentally, everything is cyclical, and this plateau will one day end, and we will

enter a new era of societal decay. Perhaps not as destructive as the last 50 years but

certainly sufficient to progress us towards the Apocalypse.

When The Chosen One comes along who tells it like it is the Gods aren't going to tell

you he's here.
Playing Devil's Advocate they will invoke doubt, create distractions and manufacture

credibility issues, and that's what they have done here.

"Just a poor girl in a rich man's house." It is the story of my life.
Positioning is all that matters to the gods. Morality/right&wrong has taken a back

seat to public perception.

Men are the ones who create evil on Earth. It is the choices they make which enslave

their souls to hell.
And that's why you keep coming back. Welcome to the Matrix.

Sorry 'bout the "cut and paste" nature of this document, but it is from my journal and

this ugly bitch will never be worth a fucking thing to me, so I chose to manage the

effort I invested.
There's no nobility here. If they didn't torment me telepathically with AI none of

this ever would have happened.
Which, incidentally, allows them to severely impact any compensation the reach-around

since I didn't d it for the god of mankind and rather for my own selfish reasons.
"We'll make it up to you." Right. Let's go ask Jeffrey Dahmer. You pushed him into

god fuck. Sick bastards. Incompetent management. Depose the throne.

In the god's morality, convienience trumps fairness.
"We'll make it up to you." Translation::::If it's convienient for us maybe we'll give

you a reach-around.
They'll make it up to me if it is convienient for them. Otherwise I have to wait for

my next life when they have no risk.
No risk, at the cost of the god's integrity and credibility.
Do me wrong, you're a bringer of evil.
The world is full of kings and queens, blind your eyes and steal your dreams.

Because the gods compromised themselves they lost their integrity and have been

downgraded from gods to trash with absolute power.
As gods they were held to a higher standard, one of moral superiority one which they

abandoned to achieve the Situation.
I've accepted my Damnation.

"We'll make it up to you." "Next life." isn't good enough.
The "gods" didn't risk anything. You don't put anything on the line and you have

incurred no jeopardy.
Composer, conductor and symphony, they did approve this event and should have incurred

risk because of it, but their positioning has freed them of obligation.
I don't respect the gods.

god is no longer a viable source of any absolute moral principles.
This happens once in the course of human history and this is what they do.
They approved it then they fucked it all to hell.


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